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Ask a Pro - As seen in the Santa Maria Times

Q: What can I do about my smoke detector chirping?
A: Usually this is an indication that the backup battery is getting low. These are 120 volt units with a 9 volt back-up battery. Try changing the battery first. If your smoke detector continues to chirp, and you are confident your battery is good, call Ever-Ready Electric. We will install one of our special smoke detectors with a 10 year sealed battery. This will save you time, money and aggravation and the additional cost is only slightly more than a regular smoke detector.
Q: How can I ensure all the electrical wiring in my home is safe?
A: Ask Ever-Ready Electric to do a Safety Inspection. In everything we do, we believe safety and dependability are top priorities. We will check the entire electrical system paying special attention to smoke detectors, GFI and Arc Fault protection. We will also check the electrical panel[s] looking for loose connections, burning or arcing. We go up in your attic and look for danger signs such as “open air splices” and/or junction boxes without covers. Any critical safety issues will be addressed that same day.
Q: Can I use a portable solar generator to power my home when the utility power fails?
A: No. Solar generators work by converting the sun that is collected by Photo Voltaic panels into DC voltage. Wires run to the portable “Main Control Box” where the batteries are. If you need power, you plug in extension cords. Most of these units are about 1800 Watts. (A hair dryer uses 1875 Watts) To back up your home, we recommend standby generators that will power your entire home and run on either natural gas or propane and automatically switch over in about 10 seconds.
Q: Does the State of California require my licensed electrician to carry liability insurance?
A: No. This is a common misconception. The California State Contractors License Board only requires contractors to carry Workers Compensation insurance. If the contractor does not submit “Proof of Insurance” on an annual basis, the contractor's license will be suspended. Proof of liability insurance is NOT required. For your safety, YOU must ask your electrician for a copy of their current certificate of insurance to validate liability coverage. Your personal or business insurance carrier may also require this kind of documentation.
Q: What could cause a fire in my attic?
A: If anyone has been working on your electrical in your attic, it is possible they didn't replace a junction box cover. The purpose of the junction box cover is to contain sparks or fire in case of a bad splice. “Open air splices” are major fire hazards and found frequently in Santa Maria attics. Keep your attic space clean and free of flammable items, especially near furnaces or on top of junction boxes. Have your attic inspected for potential fire hazards and sleep better at night.
Q: Where should my smoke detectors be located?
A: In light of the recent New York fire that claimed the life of 7 children, we will again talk about smoke detectors. The Code governing newer homes requires smoke detectors inside each bedroom and in the hallway. In addition, they must all be interconnected so if one goes off, they all go off. In multi-story homes, a smoke detector must also be installed at the top of the stairs. Check out the following link for more information and give us a call to evaluate your smoke detector safety.

Recommended locations for smoke alarms